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Margins in the context of daily IGRT (Image Guided Radiotherapy) 16 Dec 2016

The video discusses the importance of considering carefully the residual components of geometric uncertainty that remain even after the introduction of daily online IGRT. Major components to the residual uncertainty are introduced, including delineation error uncorrected target rotation, intrafraction motion and registration error. Complexities in data collection or data analysis of these contributions are discussed. The bulk of the video will assume that centres wish to adapt the existing methodology set out in Geometric Uncertainties in Radiotherapy (BIR, 2003), but alternative margin methodologies including conclusions arising from radiobiological modelling will also be briefly investigated. References: British Institute of Radiology (BIR) Working Party (2003) “Geometric Uncertainties in Radiotherapy” Pub: BIR, London. ISBN 0-905749-53-7

The educational aims of this video:
  • Understand the impact of daily online IGRT on geometrical uncertainties in the radiotherapy process
  • Be aware of how the complexity of the dominant contributors to the total uncertainty compares with the non-IGRT case
  • Be provided with tools to better measure or understand the different sources of residual geometric uncertainty
  • Appreciate the uncertainty with which both dosimetric or radiobiological models predict optimal margins for patient outcome.

1 CPD credit 
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Duration:61 mins

Speaker info

Mr Sam Tudor

Mr Sam Tudor is the Head of quality control and dosimetry at University Hospitals Birmingham. He has interests in the use of radiobiological modelling to inform the effect of geometric uncertainties and imaging strategies on modern radiotherapy techniques, as well as the dosimetry of complex, small and unflattened beams. His PhD concerned the effect of geometric uncertainties on treatment success, including examinations of predicted impact of the introduction of daily online IGRT to prostate radiotherapy, the helical tomotherapy respiratory interplay effect, and delineation error.